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    Minnesota DFL State Convention

    3:00 pm

On-hand at the DFL Endorsing Convention CD01

3:30 pm

All three opponents called for the unanimous endorsement of Dan Feehan, the motion passed. This makes Checks & Balances the only source for the actual result.

3:23 pm

There is an endorsement for Dan Feehan.


Candidate 1st Ballot % 2nd Ballot %
Vicki Jensen 14.5 10.78% 3.5 2.58%
Rich Wright 22.5 16.73% 18.5 13.65%
Dan Feehan 72.5 53.90% 82 60.52%
Joe Sullivan 25 18.59% 31.5 23.25%

3:15 pm

Right now the three candidates Sullivan, Wright, and Jensen are talking to each other with their only option to block the endorsement if they can hold all of their votes. The likelihood of an endorsement is high for Feehan.

2.50 pm

The results of the first ballot are in.

Candidate Votes %
Vicki Jensen 14.5 10.78%
Rich Wright 22.5 16.73%
Dan Feehan 72.5 53.90%
Joe Sullivan 25 18.59%

Based on the last Credential Report there are 137 delegates present with 26 half votes the number for endorsement is 82.2 votes for 60% endorsement. We understand Feehan is claiming 52% on the first ballot.

2:32 pm

They are preparing for the first ballot, and because each delegation is counting their votes within their delegation and putting the results on the outside of the ballot envelope, this process should move quickly.

1:23 pm

Feehan just spoke. at the end of his speech, he called all of his supporters up to the stage. We counted the remaining delegates left on the floor and 96 of the 141 delegates stayed seated. If this is a ballpark estimation then 68% of the convention is either unwilling to be identified or supports another candidate.

12:45 pm

We are on-hand at the DFL Endorsing Convention CD01. The proposed Rules passed without many changes except technical corrections.  Nominations are currently underway. Rich Wright, Vicki Jensen, Dan Feehan, and Joe Sullivan. The speaking order is Jensen, Wright, Feehan, and Sullivan and each candidate is allotted 15 minutes.  The motion for No Endorsement will be in order after the 5th ballot.

8. Dropoff rule: Candidates receiving less than 10% will be dropped after the first ballot. On subsequent ballot, the drop off percentage will be raised by 5% each ballot to a maximum of 25% After the fifth ballot, and each subsequent ballot, the lowest remaining candidate will be dropped so that no more than two candidates remain In the event that application of the drop rule would eliminate all but one candidate, the then two candidates who remain who received the highest percentage of the vote on the prior ballot shall be the remaining candidates.

A cursory observation of the convention, shows far more volunteers, campaign team members, and enthusiasm for Feehan. People are constantly going in and out of the Feehan hospitality room. We have heard directly from Sullivan he is claiming a strong 2nd position. As we count those delegates wearing t-shirts Feehan clearly has the advantage.

We will be posting regularly and amending this story, so hit refresh.

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