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Murphy is the Critical Factor in the DFL Gubernatorial Endorsement Contest

The filing period for November’s elections opened Monday and ends on June 5th. Rep Erin Murphy (DFL-64A, St Paul) is racking up endorsements in the run-up to the DFL Endorsing Convention in Rochester June 1-3. She announced the endorsement by the MN Nurses Association, which wasn’t much of a surprise since she is a nurse and was the Executive Director of the union prior to her election to the legislature, AFSCME Council 5, the MYDFL, St Paul Mayor Melvin Carter III, and Minneapolis Council President Lisa Bender (DFL-Ward 08).

The proposed rules for the convention are fairly standard a candidate who receives less than 5% on the first ballot will be dropped and the increment rise in 5% on each subsequent ballot until the 5th, when the lowest candidate will be dropped and that will continue each following ballot until there are two candidates remaining. We are expecting there to be two candidates left standing by the 5th ballot and they will be Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN01) and Murphy.

The important question will be whether or not Walz can achieve 50% before two candidates remain. We will remind our readers State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL-MN) are willing to move to Murphy, but Murphy delegates are less inclined to move to Otto. We are doubtful about a deadlocked convention, in spite of the fact Walz has stated his willingness to head to the Primary no matter what the result of the endorsing convention.

The DFL endorsement for Murphy’s house seat remains open and a special endorsing convention will need to occur prior to June 5th. So, as we have opined she has a fallback position if the convention should deadlock or she not receive the Gubernatorial endorsement. If the convention produces no-decision we expect Murphy will seek her legislative seat, but this will open the option for Otto to run in the Primary and still keep her word of not running against the DFL Endorsed Candidate. Though, if Walz prevails it will be interesting to see if Otto keeps her word.

The key component will be the size of Murphy’s support and whether it grows on each ballot at the higher rate than does Walz’ support. If Walz is perceived to have peaked at any time then his support will need to hold fast and ride it out.

Finally, a Governor DFLers Want

When Governor Mark Dayton (DFL-MN) first ran for the office he was not endorsed by the DFL and even disinvited to their convention. During his two terms of office, he has made decisions, like not vetoing the Tax Bill last legislative session, which left DFLer’s scratching their proverbial heads. Today, exercised his veto pen on two consequential pieces of legislation, the Tax Bill, and the Supplemental Budget Bill.

The Budget Bill which was dubbed the Optimus Prime Bill, but Capitol Hill observers was literally a Garbage Bill. It contained nearly every funding mechanism debated this legislative session from funding for Elder Care to MNLARS. Dayton criticized the legislative work as pure politics and said the Republican Controlled legislature was concerned more with “…something they (Republicans) could take around the state.” The veto of the Tax Bill leaves existing law in place and means the state will collect more revenue through the end of 2018.

If you have followed the legislative debate here in Checks & Balances we will once again remind you that Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt (R-31B, Crown) said “We don’t need anything,” and little is what they will be able to walk away with.

Their decision to pack everything into one bill will be the crux of this election. Granted all of the 134 House seats are up and Dayton is not on the ballot. This means he (Dayton) will see no political fallout from his decisions.

Because we have a biennial budget, which passed last year the opportunity for our state to continue moving in a positive direction should prove to be beneficial. If as we expect the end of Dayton’s term there is a state surplus, the net effect will be positive.

The DFL 4th CD & Ramsey County Convention

There were not many surprises yesterday at the DFL 4th Congressional District and Ramsey County conventions. Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN04) was unopposed and endorsed for her 9th term and she called upon the activists to help prevent the 65,000-vote drop, in...

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Somali’s for Walz

Today, leaders of the Somali community are announcing their support Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN01) in a press conference. This announcement will not have a significant impact in the DFL endorsement contest, but because of the cohesiveness of this community to can be...

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Must Have’s Versus the Would Likes

We will remind our readers what House Speaker Kurt Daudt (31A, Crown) said to us at the beginning of the legislative session. “We Don’t Need Anything.” This means a Bonding Bill, a Tax Bill or any other legislation. With this as a backdrop, low expectations are the...

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Painter Paints Himself Alone Into a Corner

In his announcement as a Democratic candidate for the US Senate, Richard Painter succeeded is isolating himself and nearly assuring his imminent failure. He has been identified as a Republican all of his political life and the strange talking professor will not likely...

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