Minnesota Report

Yesterday, we spoke with Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-14, Winona) and asked if there was going to be cash in their Bonding Bill. He said, “No there’s not going to be any cash.” We then said Senator David Senjem (R-25, Rochester) coincidently the author of a bill in which we have great concern SF4481,  for a total of $96 million. This was after we spoke with Capital Investment Committee Chair Tom Bakk (DFL-03, Cook) about the same and he said, “We don’t have any cash in our Bonding Bill if you want cash get it from Miller.

To which, we reiterated it to Miller who then relented and remarked, “Well if we need cash in the Bonding Bill, we’ll put cash in the Bonding Bill.” and we commented on the need for $96 million for housing homeless and at-risk veterans in properties that they will own. and he nodded his head

So, the state of play is influx, but Miller also said, “It’s a little early to be talking about this.”

We look at the calendar and laugh, with 18 days until legislative action can occur before the Constitutional Session End on May 23, and that’s too early?