Minnesota Report

When word came through that we will not receive the report on Census data until September of this year, it means something significant to the legislative process for redistricting which will not actually do much substantial without actual numbers. Because Minneapolis is holding its elections for city council seats the same year as its mayoral election, they are impinged by this announcement. The 90-day rule of having the seats set prior to an election remains unchanged, Minneapolis will have to hold elections again in 2022 or 2023, as is done in the wiser community, St Paul.

This is when we will know whether or not we have 8 or 7 Congressional Districts.

Once the numbers are known, if there is not a Special Session, the Congressional or Legislative Districts will need to be addressed first thing during the 2023 session, otherwise, it could impact those elections as well, because with a divided legislature it’s not likely the House DFL and the Senate Republicans will agree. This means again as has been the case since 1962, the time prior to partisan legislative elections when a redistricting plan was last approved.