Minnesota Report

In our fourth Monday installment, we continue to call attention to the number of bills introductions in each body, and which members are setting the pace, with full recognition the numbers will continue to change.

The new running totals are: 2173 House bills and 20218 Senate bills. The most prolific bill authors in the Senate remain, but the order continues to change Sens Mary Kunesh (DFL-39, New Brighton) captures the first position with 80, Eric Lucero (R-30, St Michael) fall back to 2nd with 73, and Rich Draheim (R-22, Madison Lake) holds in 3rd with 68.

In the House, the names and positions are the same, with a few more pieces of legislation added to the mix. In the House, Reps Duane Quam (R-24A, Bryon) with continues to lead with 64, Rick Hansen (DFL-53B, South St Paul) with 42, Dave Lislegard (DFL-07B, Aurora) securing 3rd with 40.