Minnesota Report

Rep Rena Moran’s (DFL-65A, St Paul) name is now added to the list of those not seeking reelection. She will be a candidate for the Ramsey County Board seat being vacated by Toni Carter (DFL). Moran the current House Ways and Means Chair, will formally announce with a release of supporters and endorsements tomorrow morning and we spoke with her directly to confirm her intentions this evening. She was originally elected to the House in 2010 after a Primary victory over Jeremiah Ellis, in spite of his holding the DFL endorsement. She bested him by 205 votes or 53.84% to 46.16%.

Prior to her, chair of Ways & Means she was the Chair of Health and Human Services Policy and a member of the Health  and Human Services Finance Division of the Ways and Means Committee. She know her way around many of the programs administered by county government.

Her announcement tomorrow, will have a significant chilling effect on the rest of the field of potential challengers and she is well positioned to secure the DFL endorsement especially after having operated mostly virtually during the last three legislative sessions under the COVID pandemic. With the DFL Caucuses being a virtual affair and the county board endorsement likely taking place during the 4th Congressional District Convention May 15-16, she will face the delegates at the same time Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL-04MN) faces a challenge by upstart candidate Amane Badhasso.

We will be watching closely, the impact if any of the Democratic Socialists (DSA) and will not be surprised if there are credential challenges, because the DSA is its own party.

2022 is already starting to prove it will be an interesting election year.