Minnesota Report

First off, in order to find all of the contributions Anton “Tony” Lazarro made to candidates, party units and PAC’s you will need to look under a number of names. This is significant because as of now, state law only allows active political campaigns to only give $100 to a charitable interest. We understand the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board is wrestling with this issue. This means it will take some time for candidate to whitewash the Lazzaro money.

We will break out each name and the amounts and years contributed.

In 2018, Lazzaro Anton, Anton, who gave $500 to the Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota.

While in 2020 Lazzaro, Anthony, gave $500 to the Schwanke, Ben Senate Committee.

Also in 2020, Lazzaro, Anton, gave $12,280 to various entities, $5,080 to the Republican Party of Minn, Freedom Club State PAC, MN Young Republicans Victory Fund, Pfliger, Jesse House Committee and again Schwanke, Ben Senate Committee. In 2019, it was $14,765 to the same interests, but including $500 to the Housley, Karin Senate Committee. In 2018 , it was many of the same with $25,000 to the Freedom Club State PAC, $11,040 Republican Party of Minn, including $1000 to the Daudt, Kurt House Committee, $550 to the 5th Congressional District RPM and $700 to the Johnson, Lacy Lee House Committee. In 2017, $4000 to Johnson, Jeff R Gov Committee and $250 to 5th Congressional District RPM.

The earliest political contribution occurred in 2014, with two contributions totaling $1250 to Honour, Scott Gov Committee.

In 2017,  Lazzaro, Anton J, gave $250 to 59th Senate District RPM and in 2018, a total of $14,180 to 59th Senate District RPM.

In 2020, Lazzaro, Tony gave $500 to the 33rd Senate District RPM and in 2019 $800 to the same.

We will be interested in how the money is redistributed, but in this case the various campaigns are able to make many $100 contributions to noble caucuses.