Minnesota Report

No one likes to take their medicine, which is why they added flavors to it. As we listen to the broad debate around whether Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) exceeded his authority through the use of his Executive Powers during the pandemic and blaming him for low student test scores, closing businesses and alike we reflect back to our article Have Republicans Forgotten to Listen to Their Mothers?

No one knew what to expect from COVID, especially with all the mutations. A measured, conservative approach was reasonable and necessary. Face it, we are still dealing with it, today.

Masks wearing is lessening, but still present. The COVID vaccine might becomes as common as a flu shot, but that is a way down the road.

If Walz’ handling of the pandemic is the crux of the November election, then he should be elected overwhelmingly. Problem is as a society, we oppose being denied anything, we want to do whatever we want when we want to, and therefore, why there are laws, rules, and other limitations on our behavior.

As a civil society, we need to get along, but also, create protections against the actions of others. In 2021, COVID is recognized as the 3rd highest cause of death. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2022/s0422-third-leading-cause.html.

With this as our reality, remembering to listen to you mother and accepting the fact it is better to be safe than sorry, means for those who are still here they were kept safe. Being locked down is better than being interred in the ground.