Minnesota Report

My mother often said, the adage, “Better safe than sorry.” Which then begs the question “Beware the unintended consequences.” In the contest for the Governorship, the Republican candidates will be constantly fighting uphill against Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) on this point. We know the 2022 election will be all about the pandemic and the response to it.

We will emphasize what we said last week. Is that less vaccinations, Dr Scott Jensen? Is it spreading more sickness with no mask coverage Sen Paul Gazelka? Or would it be challenging his use of Executive Orders to speak with one voice as we faced uncertainty?

The simple, homespun statement made often by mothers far and wide, likely said by Sen Michelle Benson (R-31, Ham Lake) is the common-sense approach taken by Walz when we knew the least about the COVID-19 virus. Now, as our collective knowledge base grows, it’s clear we are going to have to live with it.

We just heard there are still variants from the 1918 Yellow Fever pandemic still present in our world, and expecting the Corona Virus to melt away is a fantasy. In fact, we expect latency like how the Chicken Pox zoster lies dormant and can reappears as Shingles later in life. The question is what will Corona return as Budweiser?