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Steve Bannon of Breitbart News entered a federal prison in Connecticut yesterday on the same day as the US Supreme Court Ruled to relatively allow for a seated President to have unfettered immunity. The reason for his incarnation is the same as Peter Navarro for a contempt of Congress. This might be an appropriate response to their unwillingness to be brought before a Congressional Committee and testify as to their knowledge about the planning for January 6th, and their silence speaks volumes.

As planners of the conspiracies surrounding the insurrection at the Capitol and the fake electors scheme start to be uncovered, these men seem to be complicit. This is not the only thing one should be concerned about, its the future plans endorsed by the Heritage Foundation and spelled out in Project 2025.

This is a prescription for a total decimation of our democracy and a reductions of the institutions built to maintain a functional government. The restructuring and elimination of various state departments as stipulated yesterday in a Boston Review article entitled Inside Project 2025.

If reelected Donald J Trump will likely implement a plan he never read to destroy the government and extend more benefit to corporations and other entities intended to extract more from our country for their own profit and adversely impact he environment by reducing the regulations for environmental protections. Storm is brewing and its time to batten down the hatches and call all hands on deck for the fight ahead.