National & Minnesota Report

What is most evident in the Donald J Trump (R) Mega Movement and the counterclaims offered up and attacked by the Trumpers such as the agendas presented by the left from Climate Change Environmentalism, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the #MeToo movement neither side is open to the messages from the other. The politics of inclusion are under threat on both the hard left and hard right sides of the political spectrum. Both extreme approaches are isolationistic, consumptive, xenophobic, and exclusionary. Tribalism separates and forges bonds within against those who are without and instills derision against the other.

If America is to survive dialogue across the political divides is imperative.

As each side coalesces with like-minded people the ability to challenge the precepts from within is extinguished and only the dominant themes found inside the movement are projected outwardly. This establishes a monolithic thought structure and a dominance of a collective hivemind over individuality. What is lost is the strength of the idea and its ability to move masses.

Caution should often be applied and contact with one’s political opposites should regularly occur because all should know thy enemy but also understand their rationales and their grievances, to find better ways to build bridges and seek a more inclusive path, that is not just traveled by those of whom you agree but with whom we all exist within society.

Face it the other side is not going away, but it is better to defang them than allow political cannibalism to consume them. Discussions at family tables during holidays should not be marked by regurgitations of slogans offered up on Fox News or Mother Jones News because the intent is conflictual and not cooperative or understanding.