Minnesota Report

The diatribe from law enforcement trying to establish irrational fears over our highways and streets being overrun by more people Driving While High, is utter BS. We believe there will be no significant increase in this statistic because the people already driving high will continue to do so and they are caught and charged already.

We spoke with a Colorado Defense Attorney Levi Price, who used to be a political operative here for Education Minnesota in the 1990s and he pointed out this reality. He expressed the calls for a field sobriety test for cannabis as unnecessary but not unexpected. “People who use marijuana are often pulled over for driving too slow, unlike people who drink and drive.” The fear factor being artificially inflated by law enforcement is a self-saving professional move for the boys in blue. Price further stated,”The issue of driving high is nothing new. The police have been dealing with it while marijuana was illegal for decades. Check the court records. Plenty of people are convicted for driving high every year. acting like this is a new issue now that marijuana is legal is a completely dishonest argument.”

The means and the mechanisms are already in place except for the fact people have left the law enforcement profession in droves and few people want to join. Now, the law enforcement leadership recognizes this reality and to quote the adage, “Never let a good (fake) crisis go to waste.”