Minnesota and National Report

Attention is being given to Republican candidates who are showing a sympathy to QAnon. This should not be a surprise since Donald J Trump (R) has spoken favorably about the movement because, “They like me very much.”  This radical fringe element believes more than Washington, DC as a swamp, but is the home to Satanists and pedophiles. There are four House candidates Joe Thalman (R-49B, Bloomington) who is contesting Rep Steve Elikins (DFL-49B, Edina), Julie Buria (R-06B, Mountain Iron) who is challenging Rep Dave Lislegard (DFL-06B, Aurora), Gary Heyer (R-50B, Bloomington) seeking defeat of Rep Andrew Carlson (DFL-50B, Bloomington), Melissa Moore (R-46B, St Louis Park) who seeks to unseat Rep Cheryl Youakim (DFL-46 , Hokins), and  two Senate candidates Julie Dupré (R-49, Edina) challenger to Sen Melisa Franzen (DFL-49, Edina), Elizabeth Bangert (R-19, Mankato) contestant to Sen Nick Frenz (DFL-19, Mankato) all of the Republicans have expressed these types of sentiments, mainly on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

This new faction of the GOP is a virulent strain of Racism and underscores the existence of it in the Republican that unless rooted out will infect far more while it remains. So far only one Republican has called for Rep Pat Garafalo (R-598B, Farmington), who called QAnon “crackpot conspiracy group that has zero legitimacy.” He also called for, “Any candidate for office who supports or advocates QAnon nonsense is unqualified to be an elected official,” Garofalo said in his tweet. “The Republican party should rescind the endorsement of any candidate who supports QAnon poison.”

There has yet to be any comment from the Republican Party of Minnesota