Minnesota Report

We spoke with a seasoned veteran lobbyist Bill Amberg who has a law firm and runs his own shop, about how he sees the legislative session playing out. He is often a political source with a good read of the tea leaves.

Amberg said, he envisions a fairly pessimistic outcome, but would love to be proven wrong. “”I’m worried that not much is actually going to pass beyond the Tomassoni ALS bill, unemployment insurance fund, maybe a small bonding bill, with a need for the Reinsurance chip to be played, but not as it is moving now.  Everyone seems so far apart and that fact that HERO pay has not happened is not encouraging.  Hard to imagine that they could adjourn with billions in the bank account.  I don’t know if that has ever happened before.”

We concur, and think, after the holiday break, members will return, with a refreshed perspective on what is actually important to their constituents, and folks shouldn’t be surprised is something new is thrown into the mix.