Minnesota Report

On Saturday, at a small gathering of friends and supporters, Checks & Balances Publisher Shawn Towle, got humble and discussed his recent history of living three years on a friends couch and another six months in another friend eldest son’s bedroom while he was away at college.  This tells you his history https://www.facebook.com/109638495029044/videos/343549357745893 https://www.facebook.com/109638495029044/videos/1644314912628071

He did so at a birthday/fundraiser for Contained Solutions, a nonprofit he founded in 2018, and is seeking legislative support for, housing Veterans, like himself, in need of safe, secure housing and in four-plex properties that even a person who is currently in a shelter can own.

Now, interestingly enough, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and the Housing Finance Agency, seem to be putting some sand in the gears. Why, because the bureaucracy doesn’t like to be directed or Towled what to do.

The legislation which will drop this week, enables just such an answer to the problem and will seek $96 million to build two four-plexes in Minneapolis, St Paul, Duluth, Rochester, St Cloud (City with the largest amount of Veterans suicides), Mankato, Alexandria, Moorhead, Brainerd, Hibbing, Sauk Center, the home of the Eagle’s Healing Nest, attempting to end Veterans Suicide, and Ramsey.

The legislation seeks one-time money, but because this is not a give-away program it uses a Honorably Discharged Veterans Home Loan Mortgage, to purchase the four-plex, and in turn build wealth. As Towle asks rhetorically, “How much money is a Veteran in a shelter putting into his/her 401K?”

If you want to help this cause go to http://containedsolutions.org and check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Contained-Solutions-Inc-109638495029044