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There are reports out of the White House that Donald J Trump (R) is evolving to a position where he is acknowledging his lose and sees the specter of indictments looming on the horizon. He is soliciting money from supporters to assist in his post-election recount and court challenges, but is this actually where the money is actually going to go? We believe he is trying to bolster his own legal defense fund to address the legal matters he is facing.

While he says, his people deserve the fight for his reelection if he is merely using this as a Trojan Horse to pad his own pocket then the people sending him money are the true Suckers and Losers, because they are being suckered by the biggest loser, Donald J Trump.

Here is the most recent solicitation to prove the point.

You’ve always been one of my strongest supporters, which is why I’m coming to you now with an urgent request.

I’ve activated the Official Election Defense Fund and I need EVERY PATRIOT, including YOU, to step up and make sure we have enough resources to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF OUR ELECTION.

Step up IMMEDIATELY and increase your impact by 1000%.

I need YOUR HELP to STOP the Left-wing MOB from undermining our Election.