National Report

It is clear, Donald J Trump (R) is deluded but since he has appeared in movies and on television and event hosted a program, started a couple of casinos and bankrupted them, owned a football team in the USFL, and rose to the highest office in the land, its hard to say he suffers from Delusions of Grandeur.

Anyone who listens to him, except for his slovenly dogmatic sycophants know he is just not right. Recently, we came across a likely condition which is right up Trump’s alley, Dunning-Kruger Effect. This is a situation where someone who knows little about something is quick to advance their ignorant ideas. Sounds, quite dead on the mark, but then we’re not clinical psychologists.

Now, in his semi-retired state, he may be in pursuit of other income before he is brought into a court of law. We think, the Diapered Don, would be a great spokesperson for Depends, Viagra, or any other drug that treats the maladies of age, but not Prevagen, because his constant repetition shows lacks of quality memory recall.