Minneasota and National Report

Yesterday, FBI Director Charles Wray, testified before the House Homeland Security Committee and confirmed the Russian is playing an active role in trying to influence our elections. The Russian Trolls and spoofed websites are continuing at full tilt and since this is a form of espionage, we expect Vladimir Putin is fully apprised and likely authorized the activity.

Russia, like the United States is experiencing vast wild fires. In 2019 6.4 million acres burned and currently 27 million have been scorched. This produces significant carbon release into the atmosphere, but also the permafrost is now compromised and the loss is further expressed.

The lack of rain and winter snow, which is a direct result of climate change is affecting land on the other side of the globe and the entire planet during this global pandemic, which was reducing the amount of carbon release prior to the onset of summer.

We wonder if Putin told Donald J Trump (R) that climate change is real, would he believe it?