National Report

For the entirety of our political involvement, we have felt there is a political matrix. Our thoughts were based on the political polarities of left, right and center. Additionally, those three categories having their own divisions of left, right and center. So, you can have a left/left, a right/right and a center/center. Similarly, like a standard Bell Curve, where 68% of the population falls within one standard deviation to the left and the right of the mean.

Now, it I our belief that the correct position of the mean should be one standard deviation to the left of center, meaning we should live in a political state of a participatory role of government as collective action in a liberal system, where the role of the governed playing any role, is liberal, notice the lowercase ā€œlā€.

The position on the right, if the allowance is for individuality, then it is also liberal for the rights of the individual to exist of the dictates of a sovereign. It is evident to ability for societal advancement is through collectivity rather than individualism, but also that it is through the strength and perseverance of the individual to pursue means and mechanisms to invent and develop processes, procedures and devices to improve the lives of the citizenry that the innerworkings come about.

To this end, we were immensely pleased to learn of the efforts to define our political electorate by the Pew Charitable Trust as discussed on the PBS News Hour. We will remind our readers; Checks & Balances was selected as one of the PBS Points of Excellence on the Internet in 1997. They two have defined the community into nine specific groups and have as a basis particular subdivision of left, right and center. Though their final definitions are unique and interesting to behold.

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