National & Minnesota Report

If Joe Biden (D) wants to save our democracy and be reelected to the Presidency then he must preform a bold act, its the utilization of the full power of the Presidency and disband the cabal of the six Republican members of the US Supreme Court an appoint a less ideological cohort. Then through Executive Action, remove all of the remaining residual impacts of the court, overturn the Dobbs decision and reinstall Roe v Wade, Chevron and all other radical decisions as the law of the land, and show the true power of the President.

Show the people, what has been done to them, help them understand the threat they face, and right the injustices of the Supreme Court majority and fix it.

It is only through fearless action the people will understand and don’t let the timidity of normal Democratic tendencies be your guide post. Our nation is burning and there is only one person in a position to douse the flames. It is you Mr President.