Minnesota Report

One facet of the reason for the rapid advancement of legislation is due to the large amount of legislation, which had previously passed in the DFL Controlled House, but was stymied by the Republican controlled Senate. Now, with the often pronounced DFL Trifecta, the Minnesota political world is far different than before. Yesterday, after the press conference for Justice Day in the House, which highlighted restoration for funding of criminal prosecutors a full component of ten, House Majority Leader Jamie Long (DFL-61B, Minneapolis) a former deputy chief of staff and legislative director for Attorney General Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) when he was in Congress, confirmed our suspicion.

C&B: Con we conclude that you’re dealing with all of the backlogged bills from last year, and have the impetus here?

Long: “I think so. We have had a lot of gridlock, and we’re trying to break through it”

C&B: “But, everything that passed last year is on the table because you have a positive relationship with the senate

Long: “I think that’s right”

This means the list of items for consideration are already known, it merely a list of the items previously passed the House in 2021-22.