Minnesota Report

Former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (R-MN) announced his candidacy yesterday and released this campaign ad. Stanek for Governor. He enters a wide field, but believes public safety will be his edge on the competition. His entrance was met by opposition from the DFL Party Chair Ken Martin who released a statement.

Informally, throughout his law enforcement career Stanek was known as “Thumper” and issues about his use of force, which were only rumor, might come to light this time if they exist, because the culture over the primacy of law enforcement officer’s personnel reports are not as sacrosanct as they were in the past.

Stanek is the author of one piece of legislation many communities stand is sharp criticism of and that is where law enforcement officers are not required to live in the communities in which they police. Advocates of a more responsive and better policing have often pointed to this issue as significant in creating a more community-based policing system.