Minnesota Report

In spite of the dramatic changes brought about by Donald J Trump (R) in the Republican Party, moving from a national defense posture against Russia, not placating North Korea and active engagement with China, some core values, like law and order, tax cuts for the wealthy and less regulation for industries which adversely affect the environment like coal production and lowered emission standards are still in the playbook.

On Monday, in her bill to pump a million dollars in to a law enforcement recruitment campaign, Sen Karin Housley (R-39, Stillwater) seemed to be operating as a key fundraiser for the GOP Senate Caucus. The appeal to using a military style recruitment campaign to encourage technical college students and other people to consider a career in law enforcement, to help replenish the dwindling law enforcement population, will likely benefit in contributions to the Senate Victory Fund.

Now, this bill may get stalled in the House, but when it is clear focused on shoring up the number of cops on the streets, the PACs for the Police and Peace Officers Federation, the County Sherriff’s Association and every other organization of this nature will make their maximum donation to the right side of the aisle.