Minnesota Report

Nicknames in political contests maybe fleeting, but other times they are apropos. Because Republican Gubernatorial nominee, former Senator Dr Scott Jensen (R-MN) has opted out of any COVID-19 vaccinations some have taken to referring to him as Dr Death, aka Dr Jack Kevorkian, of assisted suicide fame. With this reality, his running mate former Minnesota Vikings Center Matt Birk appears to be devoid of his own moniker, might we suggest Center of Controversy.

We expect Birk, the non-politician, to continue with his posture of which he went off half-cocked and tweeted a claim that Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) owns a cabin in South Dakota. Now, because of the fact Walz does not, might have no bearing here, because trading in unsubstantiated information has become the rule in politics and far from the exception. Birk the unfiltered, may provide a lot of good quotes, few facts, but good copy.

Thank you, Donald J Trump.