Minnesota Report

The rematch between Congresswoman Angie Craig (D-06, MN) and Tyler Kistner (R-06, MN) is a sequel election with a bizarre twist, in the second contest where the Legalize Marijuana Now candidate died during the campaign. In 2020 it was Adam Charles Weeks, who prior to his death confessed his remorse at being a Republican Party recruited plant, and now Paula Overby, who has also been alleged of the same support.

In the 2020, after Weeks death, the State Supreme Court ruled the election could continue rather than requiring a Special Election.  In this case, Secretary of State Steve Simon (DFL-MN) is following past precedent.

We looked into the Federal Elections Committee filings and discovered Overby did not file. https://www.fec.gov/data/elections/house/MN/02/2022/

Additional, information is surfacing, which challenges Kistner’s military service record, questioning his claims of being a combat veteran. The organization VetsVote, a left-leaning group, which has endorsed Craig, is drawing attention to this misrepresentation.

Daily Kos ran the following story: MN-02 — One Candidate Lied About Their Military Record, The Other Died. Seriously…

As we have noted from the redistricting of the 2nd Congressional District, its Democratic index has improved by +2 and these latest occurrences only lend to a more dramatic story.

We reached out to the Grassroots Legalize Cannabis Party Chairman Oliver Steinberg for comment, who had sharp criticism for the Republican Party’s manipulation of the process.

On Overby’s demise he said, “I came across a quotation from an Indian politician, Indrajit Gupta, which will serve as a response to the unexpected news about Paula Overby:

“All political controversies are still in the face of death.” Anything else to be said on topics related to the circumstances of the election and the role of different parties and persons can be deferred for now.”

Overby had a storied run with a number of political parties, and was the first transgendered member of the DFL Executive Committee, then ran in 2014 as a DFL candidate for Congress, in 2018 as Independence Party US Senate Candidate, in 2022 as an Independence Party Candidate for Congress and finally, as a Legal Marijuana Now Party Candidate in 2022.

We also reached out to Jeremy Powers, someone associated with her in the DFL, who said, “She was an enthusiastic Exec member, but she soon learned that Exec members are like slave gods. They’re given power, but are expected to use it for anyone but themselves. She soon set her sights on public office. She first ran for endorsement as a DFLer for Congressional District 2, which was then represented by Rep. John Kline. When she lost the endorsement to Mike Obermueller, within days she changed her campaign to the Independence Party for that seat. I was in charge of credentials for the 2014 Convention in Duluth and I had to ask for her convention credentials. You can’t be an announced candidate for a different party and be a credentialed delegate at the DFL State Convention. It was very clear she wasn’t going to let party rules rule her life. She was called a spoiler, but Kline won with 56 percent of the vote.”