Minnesota Report

On Monday, 4th term Rep Jennifer Schultz (DFL-7A, Duluth) will announce her desire to retain the title Representative, but this time it will be at the federal level in Virginia. She announced she would not be seeking reelection earlier in the legislative session.

Schultz a Professor at University of Minnesota, Duluth is Co-Director Health Care Management Program & Professor of Economics. She will face a stiff challenge to incumbent Congressman Pete Stauber (R-MN08) because of the right ward shift in the 8th.

We expect gender could be a factor, but whether it favors Schultz is a question. In 2016, Hillary Clinton beat Donald J Trump (R) by 44,765 votes or 46.44 to 44.98%. In his first election, which included a 3rd party candidate Stauber beat for state Rep Joe Radinovich (D-MN) by 17,414. In 2020 Stauber pressed his hand and defeated Quinn Nystrom (D-MN) by 75,579 votes or 56.75to 37.55%.

Now with new district which adds in all Northern Native American Tribes a few more college communities and hopefully the end of a pandemic a war is Ukraine and radical votes support Trump by Stauber we’ll see if the Range remains a DFL stronghold or heads the way of the pachyderm.