Minnesota Report

As the legislature prepares to complete it’s work, the House is working on the Tax Bill, making sure it covers the costs of what was spent and needs to be paid for, but interesting the Tax Bill doesn’t actually need to be signed. The Senate just took up the HF0002, the E-12 Bill, from the Table and passed it unanimously. Then they will need to concur with the House on the Tax bill and then they’re done, but are they?

Looks, like no Bonding Bill.

We understand the Senate will not adjourn Sine Die, because they harbor a level of distrust that Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) will be completely true to his word. If he were to line item veto a provision in a bill, or decide a  particular piece of legislation doesn’t meet muster he could change the outcome by the stroke of his pen.

This means the Senate will need to come back in session just to adjourn, officially. Hopefully, they have a quorum.