Minnesota Report

Focus: Municipal Elections

Next week voters in both Twin Cities will decide on the person to run their city and whether or not to institute a Rent Control measure in their respective communities. In St Paul, Mayor Melvin Carter III has not taken a position on the matter in the Capitol City, CITY QUESTION 1 (St. Paul) Whether to adopt a Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance

and in Minneapolis, we are only going to highlight the positions of the three candidates we see as viable, incumbent Mayor Jacob Frey (DFL-Minneapolis) Sheila Nezhad (DFL-Minneapolis) and Kate Knuth (DFL-Minneapolis). All of the frontrunner candidates all support Ballot Question 3-Rent Control.

In the Mill City, there are two other issues being put before the voters, which will have significant impact on how their city is run and protected. Here is the entire Minneapolis Ballot.

On the Ballot Question 1-Government Structure: Executive Mayor-Legislative Council

Frey-Yes, Nezhad-No, Knuth-Undecided

On Ballot Question 2-Department of Public Safety

Frey-No, Nezhad-Yes, Knuth-Yes

The outside observers in us, believes the bipolarity of Question 1 & 2 will come into reality if voters support 1and support 2, but these questions will like drive turnout. It is also a testament to the significance of Minneapolis, which brought forward the “Defund the Police” slogan and many nights of riots and protests along with burning buildings in both major cities.