National & Minnesota Report

Last night’s results are not as clear as people might think. Yesterday, we sought information on the National Delegate selection from the website, but it was curiously not functional until today. We had learned prior, a candidate receiving 85% would be allocated 100% of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Delegates.

This means with not running the table and Donald J Trump (R) receiving 232,919 votes or 68.92% will receive 27 RNC delegates and Nikki Haley (R) receiving 97,227 votes or 28.77% will receive RNC 12 delegates. Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN05) will receive no DNC delegates, and the legitimacy of his campaign premise, Biden’s age seems to be rejected by voters and is without merit.

On the DFL side, in spite of there being Democratic National Committee (DNC) delegates 92 total delegates only 75 are in play because 17 are designated as Automatic Party Leader and Elected Official delegates. Joe Biden (D) received 171,299 votes or 70.03% will receive a 70% percent of the allocation of delegates or 64. Uncommitted succeeded with 46,942 votes or 18.78% and will receive 11. Additionally, 49 of the delegates will be selected at the eight Congressional District Conventions, 10 additional PLEO’s and 16 At-Large are also chosen at the DFL State Convention.

The DFL Party sent out the following press release on the DNC Delegate Allocation.

The NATIONAL DELEGATE SELECTION PLAN SUMMARY is listed in the DFL Call starting on page 23.