Minnesota Report

If you view this article as anti-DFL you are sorely mistaken. We used to have a section called Words of Wisdom and this seems appropos. The Democratic Socialists (Democratic Socialists of America or Democratic Socialist Caucus endorsees) of any stripe are an existential threat to the future of the DFL Party. The multiple candidates in Minneapolis City Council races, a current member of Congress, the current Attorney General, a member of the state Senate and all other party activists are hostile collaborators to the party started by Elmer Benson, Orville Freeman, and Hubert H Humphrey II.

Today, as people vote they should vote against even endorsed DFLers who carry the DSA endorsement. As we have said repeatedly, Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I) should never have been allowed on the same stage as Secretary Hillary Clinton (D). Sanders mere presence facilitated the opposition for Donald J Trump (R).

In this off-year election for local races here in Minnesota, places with pockets like south Minneapolis, which already has three city councilmembers who previously identified as DSC, in fact, one Jason Chavez (Ward 9) is a former chair of the MYDFL. He along with Robin Wonsley (Ward 2) Aisha Chughtai (Ward 10) and coconspirator incumbent Jeremiah Ellison (Ward 5), Soren Stevenson (Ward 8), Aurin Chowdury (Ward 12) should be summarily dismissed. This is an alternative party, wake-up people. It is far more than a camel’s nose under the tent.

Additionally, in the Capitol City incumbent Nelsie Yang (Ward 6) and candidate Hwa Jeong Kim (Ward 5) also are members of the DSA. https://twincitiesdsa.org/our-2023-endorsements/.

If any of these candidates carry the DFL endorsement it should be rescinded. Now, fully recognize this article will be received as hostile by many of the lefties, and that is fine because a more centrist political party, like the core of the DFL, is far more appealing to moderate and independent voters and hence, where most of the electorate resides.

If people want to heal the tensions felt across our nation caused by Trump the rift is not settled by voting for whack jobs or non-closeted Socialists.