Minnesota Report

The announcement last week that Enbridge pipeline Number 3 pierced the watershed, three different times, comes as no surprise to us. The fact it occurred and was actually report, well reported well after the occurrence, isn’t a surprise either.

The prostitutes and the propagandists, like Blois Olson, are equally to blame for adversely impacting our state. We have stated prior we thought the idea of letting this pipeline traverse our state without a stop point here in Minnesota only takes on all of the adverse effects without an economic benefit after the competition of construction, is wrong.

The information was clear Enbridge has a poor performance record, look at Kalamazoo, MI in 2010. We also have said they should not just put in one pipeline but jacket it with a second and establish a buffer zone as an easement than is highly monitored away from the line.

Its not too late, make them pay for more, do more work and if they don’t then as many people who say it like a Freudian slip, Enron, is what they will become, and only leaving wreckage in their wake.