National and Minnesota Report

When former President Joe Biden (D) lands in Duluth later today he will be in friendly territory, but if he is going to have any impact, he needs to go elsewhere in the state. In Duluth, Hillary Clinton (D) carried the city handily over Donald J Trump (R) looking at the House Districts there 03B Clinton 49.68% to Trump 42.21%, 07A, Clinton 61.42% to Trump 27.96% 07B Clinton 58.38% to Trump 32.31% and also did so in St Louis County 51.39% to 39,70%, but Trump won the 8th Congressional District 53.76% to Clinton 38.27% and it is a far different picture in the neighboring counties. Carelton Clinton 46.46% to Trump 44.81%. Koochiching Clinton 36.24% Trump 56.09%. Aitken Clinton 59.76%Trump 33.95%.

Remember the entire 7th Congressional District voted for Trump 61.37% to Clinton 30.82% and in the 1st Congressional District it was Trump 52.85% to Clinton 38.06%.

Granted, Duluth has the television stations that cover the area including northern Wisconsin, but impact could be felt more if he also went to Bemidji, Moorehead and Rochester.