Minnesota Report

When early reports from Mayor Melvin Carter III (DFL-St Paul) stated the protesters and rioters arrested were mainly from out-of-town it seemed like a narrative was being set, which was later proven false.Our discussions with anyone associated with law enforcement or knowledge of the anarchy in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the knee of Derek Chauvin does not bolster Donald J Trump’s (R) false claims of Antifa involvement, which segments of his own administration can’t find. We understand there are individuals who have been arrested or are being sought that are associated with anarchist groups, which the Twin Cities already has, white supremacist groups, which are not domestically organized, though may have sympathizers and local gangs. So this means there is a combination, which might be hard to sort out.

The stirring of the pot, and the added mayhem are not politically motivated acts, merely opportunistic endeavors from those who under the umbrella of darkness and the cover of political strife sought to gain for themselves. Firebombing and looting are not in any way, shape or form a part of cause for Justice for George. Yes, they may be an expected result, but again only from those seeking self-benefit, not advancement of a different agenda.

We believe the forthcoming arrests will provide a broader picture, but clearly, many people got away with a great deal of crime over the last 15 days