Minnesota Report

George Floyd died a week ago today at 9:25 pm. He was killed by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck, and held down while handcuffed by, while held to the ground by Thomas Lane and J Alexander Kueng, while Tou Thao, Chauvin’s partner looked on and kept people away.

Today¸ Floyd’s brother Terrance visited the scene of the killing, saluted his brother’s image on the mural now on the wall of Cup Foods and fell to his knees when he was brought to the exact spot of the crime. He knelt in prayer and the people present also collectively followed suit. The problem is many or the people taking advantage are only opportunists.

When he spoke, he challenged the people protesting his brother’s killing to stop the looting, fires and mayhem saying they were not doing justice to his brother’s name. He said his family is a peaceful family and a prayerful family, and they call for peace but they also call for justice. A poignant moment during his call came when he said, “Peace on the Left, Justice on the Right and showed hands extended with a peace sign in the left-hand and a fist in the right.

The younger Floyd called for people to do more, specifically vote, and not just vote for President by for all offices on the ballot and for voters to educate themselves and who they were voting for. He implored the crowd not to forget his brother when things die down and to let his name ring. George Floyd!

He later led another chant, “No Justice, No Peace, Prosecute the Police.