National & Minnesota Report

Last week, the Daily Beast ran the following article Minnesota’s Gov. Tim Walz Is the Anti-DeSantis. Dems Should Take Note. This follows well after our story from May 19, 2022, Tim Walz for President. Its glad to see like minds, sharing a thought.

Of course, the Daily Beast piece focuses on DeSantis and not the bigger boogeyman Donald J Trump (R), but in this case Walz’ record matches up as well, especially in response to the COVID Pandemic.

Now, critics will highlight the fact Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) is just another midwestern white guy, when our nation is growing more diverse by the minute, but in spite of his lack of color, his administration has supported the most diversified legislation in the history of our state, and Walz has not been shy on leading the charge. As a governor, he is a worthy opposition to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL). Because the two share stints as members of Congress they understand the federal government, although each sees Washington DC through a different perspective. Actually, our analogy is Walz looks at Washington, through a telescope, as does DeSantis its just Walz looks out from the eyepiece and DeSantis from the other end, which any child knows provides a far smaller viewpoint.

As of now, President Joe Biden (D) is expected to seek reelection, and many of the nation’s Democratic Governors a quick to express their support, but should the tide change, then the host of candidates will assemble and we would expect our own US Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D-MN) name to be broached again. In fact, if Biden were to open the door, as did Klobuchar did by endorsing him after losses in Nevada and South Carolina.