National & Minnesota Report

Is it too early to start talking about Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN) for President? We think not and had speculated this concept when the former Congressman was first elected. Since our state is the only one with a divided legislature and the split between urban, suburban and rural is so vast, having a candidate who can bridge the span of a divided electorate, will be a skill set our nation needs.

The vitriol we expect in the forthcoming campaign we be sharp, and Walz’ respond to the COVID Pandemic will be front and center. But, also, the fact our state is carrying the largest surplus in its history and Minnesota continues tot out perform the nation economically, are all worthy points for a nationwide campaign.

With his Washington DC experience coupled with his social studies teaching career and football coaching he will be a very attractive candidate. If President Joe Biden (D) decided to forgo a second term, Walz is our pick to step forward.