Minnesota Report

We are hearing about the possibility of joint action on certain pieces of legislation in order to expedite their passage. In the legislative vernacular, these are call Pre-Conferred Bill. It has been a longtime since a piece of legislation, except a Conference Committee Bill entered and exited a chamber without amendment. With an intent to accelerate the speed of the process, House Speaker Melissa Hortman (DFL-34B, Brooklyn Park) and Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (DFL-60, Minneapolis) are publicly discussing how to rapidly move items forward the electorate called has for.

Hortman a lawyer by profession, is talking about body autonomy for women’s health and HF0001 is described as Fundamental right to reproductive health established. This would codify the state Supreme Court Decision on abortion rights found in Doe v. Gomez.

We believe this will be a forerunner of other legislative pieces and through this procedure will advance certain legislative pieces, which normally would languish until the final package is known and all of the pieces are in place.

Seems like the operational process is about to get a facelift.