Minnesota Report

HF100 Omnibus cannabis bill ran out-of-procedural time last night, due to a desire in the House chamber to not legislate after 12:00 pm out of consideration for member’s safety. The body adjourned shortly after the witching hour to return today at 11:00 am to finish their work.

The bill is expected to pass bipartisanly, and we will be watching the vote totals to see which members are more open to a new cash crop industry in our state. Particularly, we will be interested in the votes rural members cast in agricultural areas.

An additional interest we are watching is what will the impact of this new legislation be on the low-dosage THC market which has brought us edibles and seltzers and where they can be sold. The difference between the House File and SF73 Cannibus provisions modification will be hammered out in the conference committee.

We sought out a perspective from the current producers’ trade association Chairman Jim Erickson who said, “The MN Hemp Growers Cooperative is confident that the final Conference Committee Report will be very favorable to the Minnesota-based hemp growers, processors, investors, retailers, and consumers.”

Let the negotiations begin.