National Report

We haven’t heard of anyone writing a song with this phrase but it seems like an obvious lyric. As we look to the Peach State and reflect upon the November election. The races of US Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler were far different. Perdue received 2,462,617 votes compared to Jon Ossoff (D-GA) who secured 2,374,519 along with a number of other candidates who prevented Perdue from a majority victory. Loeffler came in 2nd with 1,273,214   to Reverend Raphael Warnock with 1,617,035 votes, or 1,189,403 fewer than Perdu had one race up on the ballot. Granted, Rep Doug Collins (R-09GA) the other Republican in the race garnered 980,454 votes, but its clear not all Republicans find favor with her.

The results of these two contests will determine the majority in the US Senate and if the Democrats win it will mean total control for 2021-22, but with a 50-50  majority in which Vice-President Kamala Harris (D) will be the presiding officer and tie-breaking vote.

As of the last report, in the run-off election with 3,001,017 votes or 38.77% of registered voters compared to the 3,041,581 or 39.3% in the November election. The bulk of the credit for the high turnout is attributed to former GA House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D-GA). Now, because of the General Election results we know Democrats exercise early voting methods at a higher rate than Republicans and this resulted in a 11,779 vote margin for former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) over Donald J Trump (R). This should provide an advantage for the Democratic candidates, or a buffer, but also in person voting is still an option, which some seek to utilize on both sides of the aisle because they want to ensure their vote counts.

Both Biden and Trump are stumping in Georgia tonight and many are waiting for Trump to again focus on himself rather than the race at-hand and turnoff Republican voters by putting his foot in his mouth.