Minnesota and National Report

In this election, every race is not about the actual competitors, it’s about Donald J Trump (R) .Since the 1st Congressional District is home to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, and because of the significance of it in the region both health-wise and economically, candidate Dan Feehan (DFL-MN01) should hammer Congressman Jim Hagedorn (R-MN01) on the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic and show his true colors as a Trump loyalist. As we have stated before Hagedorn’s PAC is named Magadorn PAC.

The more hard-pressed Hagedorn is, to defend Trump and his misrepresentations, overstatements, falsities, and abject lies and fall equally on any candidate for office that is of the same party. Again, the GOP is now the party of Trump and the R no longer stands for Republican, but now stands for Racist. Every spoken word from Trump should be attributed to every candidate on the other side of the aisle as if they said it themselves.

In turn, Feehan should get regular reports from physicians at Mayo on what should be done to protect our citizenry in direct opposition to Trump and his cronies.

Hey, Dan Feehan support the science!