Minnesota Report

If you read our piece Shawn Towle Exposes His Past, you learned about Contained Solutions a nonprofit seeking funding to construct housing, fourplexes across the state, in mainly the core cities and regional centers.

As the Capital Investment committees finally gear-up and we see what the DFL and Republican priorities are and what the size and scope of the Bonding Bill is, we will see what is supported and what is left behind.

The existence of the $9.253 billion surplus creates a structural opportunity to spend one-time money for causes that are right and just. We support our publisher’s mission to utilize the VA Home Loan Mortgage and build housing, community centers and affordable, green developments for Veterans.

The VA will allow for a Veteran to finance a fourplex and then also apply 75% of the rental income toward their Credit/Debt ratio and qualify for a loan. This ends the dependency system and creates a new property taxpayer. The public investment in those who served, and provided for the liberties and freedoms we all have, is well deserved.

We also argue, Homeless Veterans Deserve 1+% of the Surplus.”

Let’s build homes for heroes.