Minnesota Report

One aspect of HF2310, Omnibus Environment, Climate, and Energy appropriations is its economic boost. Because of the provisions to extend the use of crossbows to all archery hunting options for people below 60, crossbow sales and accessories are having a robust surge. This is significant because a professional crossbow can exceed $1,500.00.

Not to mention the quarrels, and cranking mechanism if it is not self-contained and the target, because a crossbow bolt can fly through a regular archery target easily and fly well beyond.

This legislation is a testament to the respective authors’ Rep Rick HansenĀ (DFL-53B, South St Paul, and Sen Foung Hawj (DFL-67, St Paul).

In fact, at a recent trip to a Maplewood archery range, we saw father and son who were sighting in their new crossbows and they clearly said the change in law is why they purchased their equipment.