Federal and Minnesota Report

On Friday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill for cannabis decriminalization on a mostly party line vote 228-164. We argue this is probably the most impactful vote of the entire legislative session, politically. This removes Cannabis as a Schedule One narcotic and if passed would allow for money-made for cannabis sales to be put in a federally insured bank.

Now, this legislation faces an uphill climb in the US Senate, but at least it is on the right path.

All of the Washington DC punditry has been writing the epitaph of the Democratic Majority in the forthcoming November elections. This is legislation is rationale, reasonable and appealing to voters who if not stone at the time, will pull the lever for Democrats.

This is a gamechanger because even stoners will know the difference between someone who votes for them and someone who votes against them. This constituency is organization, driven and single-issue focused.

It is a libertarian position, which is if it is what I do and its not about you, its none of your business.