Minnesota Report

Two days after the Iowa Caucuses we are still waiting for the final results. As of now, there are still only 71% of the precincts reported. The most up-to-date site is from the IA Democratic Party https://results.thecaucuses.org/ and other entities like CNN are extrapolating on the information with projections. https://www.cnn.com/election/2020/state/iowa?xid=ec_btn_iowa

The current results show former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) leading with 26.8%, followed by US Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 252%, US Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) with 18.4%, former Vice-President Joe Biden (D) with 15.4% and US Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) 12.6%. These percentages haven’t varied all that much since the initial data dump of 52% yesterday afternoon at 4 pm. All of this activity is for the distribution of the 41 DNC delegates for IA.

Since the ineptitude in IA of the reporting app people have been calling for the death of the Caucus System, which we hear in Minnesota should take note of, since it is a bedrock of our political system also. The major exception is this year’s Presidential Primary, which we have argued is rife for shenanigans this election due to potential Republican crossover. The Value of Voter Data and the Weaponization of Party Identification

In turn, we scribed a piece Defense of the Caucus System which provides some history and a challenge to the naysayers who seek instantaneous gratification.

This IA foul-up has prevented the traditional determination of a set number of tickets out of IA to a free pass and now all of the candidates get a reprieve and all are campaigning in New Hampshire prior to next week’s Tuesday Primary.

As the IA results continue to trickle in, they provide little solace for the current perceived victor Buttigieg and keep afloat the candidacies of Warren, Biden, and Klobuchar.