Minnesota Report

In politics, it is frequently the case where some word, phrase or acronym is created to short handedly refer to a department, program or event. Sen Mary Kiffmeyer (R-30, Big Lake) has taken to calling different times BC, AC and MC. BC=before COVID, AC=after COVID and MC=mid COVID.

Its clear the world was a different place before COVID and the standard practices did not incorporate social distancing or stay at home orders. Mid COVID being where we are now is a timeframe determining what will be and successful strategies to approach this pandemic are being deployed to address the crisis. The interesting question will be what the post pandemic period will be like. After COVID, will result in many changes to our institutions and the virtualization of our traditional practices, methods and procedures will change dramatically.

The loss of the handshake, which was employ to prove the hand was empty, without a weapon, became a practice in western society and now go the way of the dinosaur. Many men are comfortable with a head nod. The all day, week long class schedule for students may also be threatened and the need for huge campuses may become less of a factor as a reduction in class sizes are forced to comply with public health codes in the short-run and other pressures going forward. This will mean parents of school aged children will be forced to find alternative childcare resources, and also could foster another industry for teaching, or it might result in a strict division of existing institutions into morning and afternoon settings with a set one-way path from place to place being firmly applied.

The main point being, AC will be significantly changed from BC.