Minnesota Report

Yesterday’s, retirement announcement by Senate Minority Leader Melisa Lopez Franzen (DFL-49, Edina), the first person of color to hold the top leadership spot in a senate caucus, to retire rather than challenge Sen Ron Latz (DFL-46, St Louis Park), dubbed as misogyny from certain ignorant, artificially elevated, undeserving, maybe even token, punditry quarters, as we understand, resulted from a mother’s love and an unwillingness to move her child out of their school district.

Now, she has no compunction, other than Senate rules, to be resolved or deferential to Sen Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (R-28, Winona) or any other Republican in the Senate. Now, the gloves can come off and she can unleash her jerga puertorriqueña para mujer fuerte.

If the Senate Republicans thought they were going to have an easy go, many safe votes, and roll the DFL, they should take notice now. Every small piece of legislation, will have a counter amendment, each bit of ground gained will come at a cost, recorded votes, and as a lawyer, she will now apply her juris prudence toward the formation of law rather than the application.

Welcome la fiera!