Minnesota Report

It’s a math question. The answer is $2.74 billion. Since Alex Rodrigues, Marc Lore and their partners have been associated with the Minnesota Timberwolves the value of the team has risen appreciably. In 2021, Forbes valued the franchise at $199 million and today the value has vaulted to 2.94 billion. So, straight up there is a significant sticker price leap.

With this core value increase that is one indicator of why the sale was pulled from the table, but also the pending expansion bring more money to the table. BTW, this is only money that is afforded the owners, of which Glenn Taylor holds 60%. The NBA is set to make a two team expansion which means results in an $5 billion cost to be shared among the 30 team owners and Taylor’s cut is an additional $200,000,000.

It is clear and evident why the deal is off. Like most questions its all about the money.

FYI, we know Checks & Balances mainly focuses on political issues, but Taylor was a state senator from Mankato when we first knew him.