National & Minnesota Report

The slack jawed, deer in the headlights performance in Thursday’s debate by President Joe Biden (D) is a matter for great concern. The question over whether he has the capacity to fulfill duties of the office are legitimate. In order to avoid the appearance of a dead man walking, the octogenarian needs to leave the stage.

Like Muhammad Ali no one wants to see a hero fail, and Ali should not have entered the ring for his final fight. If the result of Biden’s continued bid, he is merely the opposition candidate to Donald J Trump (R) not a vindicator on his own. Yes, his record of accomplishments are profound, but the books will be burned and all elements of his legacy discarded if he loses to the felon.

This election is what our democracy rests on and can not be sacrificed for Biden’s reelection. If as he self-declared on September 21, 2023 “I view myself as a transition candidate,” Biden said during an online fundraiser shortly after he gave his bridge speech, according to The New York Times..” Then prove it and transition yourself out