Minnesota Report

We recently had a conversation with former DFL Minority/Majority now Independent Sen Tom Bakk (I-MN) about the possibilities of a run for governor. He said, he had an email from someone who would write a check for the first $1000 just that day.

He then offered the following analysis, “If I ran, it couldn’t be as a Republican it’s too late and I don’t know those people (Republicans).”

We commented, “What do you think you are Jesse Ventura?”

We asked if he would run and if so as an Independent Labor Party Candidate, to which he said, “You can’t run with a party of the name of another party.” We then said, well the Independent Workers Party, whatever. He said, “Its something to think about.”

He said, “If I ran, I would help Walz.” We said, “Your close to him than the odd ducks in the Republican Party, so why wouldn’t you run?” Our comment, “If Tim Walz were to win he’d owe you a lot and they could name a State Park after you or maybe rename the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and you could let motors back in.”

With that he just laughed.