Minnesota Report

The House and Senate both met at 12:00 pm yesterday. The House took up the issue of the Governor’s Executive Powers and again the DFL House Majority supported Governor Tim Walz (DFL-MN). We understand the Senate is planning to do so at the end of the Special Session. After the House session ended the Ways and Means Committee heard HF0013 (Lillie) Legacy Fund Budget Omnibus, HF0008 (Sundin) Agriculture Budget Omnibus, HF0007 (Bernardy) Higher Education Budget Omnibus and HF0006 Commerce/Energy (Stephenson/Long).

The major complaint rendered by the Republicans was about the Star Chamber decision-making process of these bills being decided on by the respective chairs and the Department Commissioners. The lack of inclusion of any public testimony or discussion by the minority in the process was of paramount concern.

In order for these bills to be acted on in regular order they need three days to have passed unless there is a suspension of the Rules and the Constitution. This means Thursday is the first day for potential action. We understand the Republican House members intend to offer a significant number of questions and slow the process down to a crawl. As one member said, “We’re not going to help them pass their bills.”

We understand each of the 13 bills are mostly agreed to, but these agreements are only between the three members of the Triumvirate, or as they are referred to disparagingly, the Tribunal, and the committee chairs. One sticking point is the off Ramp for evictions.

It looks like this will be a long Special Session.