Minnesota Report

Its interesting to see how the shifting populations in our state voted this election. You may or may not remember the 7-County Metropolitan area accounts for 55.43% of our state and the 11-County Metropolitan area accounts for 58.85%. In the electoral contests, the percentages each DFL Constitutional candidate received weighed heavily on the Metropolitan vote.

Governor Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan (DFL-MN) received 66.59% of their votes from within the 7-Metropolitan counties and 33.41% from the other 80 counties. When looking at the 11-Metropolitan counties the difference is Walz & Flanagan received 70.55% of their votes from this region and 29.45% from Greater MN.

This means Walz & Flanagan along with the other DFL Constitutional Officers could not have succeeded with just the Metropolitan area alone.

We have provided four spreadsheets for your consideration.

The Results in the 7-County Metropolitan Are

The Results in the 11-County Metropolitan Area

The Results by Congressional District

The Results in the Regional Center Cities